Five companies unite to launch Elis Cleanroom brand

Published: 27-Mar-2019

Elis, Berendsen, SNDI, Micronclean NL and decontam are part of the new company

Elis Cleanroom has officially launched. Following the acquisition of Berendsen by Elis in September 2017, the cleanroom branches from both groups have joined forces under one newly formed brand.

All five companies, Elis, Berendsen, SNDI, Micronclean NL and decontam, have been big players in the market for over half a century, and are now part of a strong, international business.

Elis Cleanroom enters the marker to provide service and relieve the pressure associated with contamination control, stock investment and constant reorder, sterilisation and certification, traceability plus environmental impact.

The company has been set up as a solutions provider with a portfolio ranging from garments, cleaning systems, flooring, footwear to goggles.

Elis Cleanroom is part of the Elis Group and has 28 cleanrooms across Europe and Latin America.

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