Explore B. Braun PNS’ brochure featuring project partner Tresolid

Published: 20-Feb-2019

Cleanroom specialist and project partner, Tresolid, designed and manufactured furniture for B.Braun's Professional Nutrition Services production facility in Melsungen, Germany

In 2016, B. Braun’s Professional Nutrition Services GmbH (PNS) new state-of-the-art building opened its doors. The plant featured furniture designed and manufactured by project partner Tresolid.

B. Braun Melsungen AG has worked together with PNS since 2003 for the manufacturing of parenteral nutrition. In 2014, the Melsungen company decided to build the new production plant in order to grow and optimise the production process through innovative design and advanced technology.

Clean rooms are characterised by cleanliness, openness and functionality. These properties are also reflected at PNS in the specially manufactured furniture by Tresolid.

B. Braun. and Tresolid have developed furniture systems for a wide range of clean room configurations and application cases at B. Braun. In addition to having a functional design, the furniture has been designed to withstand years of intensive contact with cleaning and disinfection agents and meet strict pharmaceutical GMP requirements.

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