Electrolux Professional unveils new series of high capacity barrier washers for hygiene-critical applications

Published: 27-Nov-2023

Electrolux Professional has announced the launch of its new Line 6000 Pullman series of high-capacity barrier washers, offering unparalleled hygienic protection for use in a broad range of sensitive environments

The Line 6000 Pullman series provides a unique-to-industry combination of ergonomic and intuitive operation, high-productivity, and trustable hygiene programs. As a result, the new barrier washer series can support the dynamic needs of laundry professionals across a variety of healthcare applications, as well as commercial and industrial environments with strict particle contamination requirements such as clean room operations and the pharmaceutical and food processing industries.

Available in three different models – with dry weight capacities of 70, 90 and 110kg respectively – the Line 6000 Pullman series is the only barrier washer in its class to achieve the prestigious 4-star rating for physical and cognitive operator-machine interaction from ErgoCert, the first internationally-accredited Body for the Ergonomic Certification.

Having been designed to minimise operator strain and tension, all models feature a dual-partition drum which auto-positions at the end of each cycle for the safe unloading of high volumes of wet linen. The Auto Inner Door Opening feature maximises operator safety by pre-opening the inner drum doors at the end of each wash cycle.

Given the stringent hygiene requirements of many barrier washing applications, especially in healthcare environments, the new Line 6000 Pullman series enables a safe, effective and repeatable approach to laundry cycle management. All units are designed to sit flush to the wall with an easy-clean flat front and feature dual HD colour ClarusVibe touchscreen displays to control the washer from the dirty side and access important cycle information on the clean side.

Electrolux Professional’s innovative Hygiene Watchdog program, which is installed on all Line 6000 Pullman models and controlled via the ClarusVibe interface, helps further protect against the accidental spread of micro-organisms by ensuring full decontamination prior to the cycle completion.

While both hygienic and ergonomic operation formed a crucial R&D focus for the Line 6000 Pullman series, the units also benefit from many of the inherent sustainability benefits that have become a hallmark of the wider Line 6000 portfolio of Electrolux Professional barrier washers. The range, which includes the popular Evolution and Hyvolution models, now ensures Electrolux Professional has a barrier washer with a dry weight capacity from 20kg up to 110kg.

Batiste Deroche, Product Manager Barrier Washers at Electrolux Professional, comments:

“If not properly managed, contaminated linen can act as an effective vehicle for the spread of infection in broad range of sensitive scenarios. Removing human error from the equation is one of the most robust ways of preventing infection and should sit at the heart of any laundry cycle management strategy.

“Barrier washers have long played a pivotal role in specialist, high-capacity laundries where contamination must be avoided at all cost. However, they have often required significant manual handling of wet linen and lacked the intelligent operation of more compact washers. With our new Line 6000 Pullman series, we are confident we have reset the industry standard for smart, effective and above all safe barrier washing.”

The Line 6000 Pullman series is available in a broad range of power options including electric, direct steam, indirect steam, low pressure steam and electric / steam. For more information, please visit: https://www.electroluxprofessional.com/commercial laundry-equipment/barrier-washers/

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