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Our MHRA and FDA approved laboratories provide a comprehensive range of Quality Control testing, delivering a quality service which is integrated with each client’s supply chain, QA and QP's requirements.


Reading Scientific Services Ltd (RSSL) is a specialist scientific consultancy providing cutting edge solutions and answers to your problems. Our multi-disciplinary scientific teams guarantee to meet your need for rapid results, expert personal interpretation and sound advice to resolve all your product problems/issues.

RSSL is an independent global leader at the forefront of scientific analysis, consultancy, product development and training, serving the pharmaceutical, healthcare, biopharmaceutical, food, drink and consumer goods industries. We apply leading edge science with passion and uncompromising integrity to exceed expectations and deliver enhanced value to our clients. We offer an integrated, flexible approach coupled with an unrivalled scientific expertise. Customers choose to work with us for the scientific excellence, quality customer service, professionalism and solutions we provide.

This video highlights important analytical tests that must be undertaken when setting specifications to meet ICHQ6B guidelines. These tests are essential for both the product development and batch-release stages of biomolecule production. Reading Scientific Services Ltd. RSSL.

Extractables and leachables studies are critical in maintaining the quality of a drug product and ensure that you meet all regulatory requirements. Reading Scientific Services Ltd. RSSL.

Services Offered

Analytical Services

A comprehensive range of services to help you develop, manufacture and ensure the integrity of your products from raw materials to market.

  • Pharmacopoeial testing (EP,USP,JP, BP)
  • Sub-visible particle analysis
  • Drug release profiling
  • Release testing
  • Residual solvent analysis
  • Dissolution testing
  • Development, validation and optimisation of analytical methods

Stability Storage Management

Comprehensive and cost effective stability management services carried out according to cGMP and in line with recommended ICH guidelines.

  • Stability chambers are 21CFR compliant
  • Full range of storage conditions
  • Photostability and other stress conditions
  • Protocol preparation
  • Development of stability indicating methods
  • Method validation


A range of services to monitor the microbiological safety and efficacy of your raw materials and products.

  • Harmonised, microbial testing for specific pathogens, bacteria, yeast and mould
  • Preservative efficacy testing
  • Endotoxin testing
  • Environmental monitoring
  • European suspension tests
  • Method development

Biopharmaceutical Analysis

A comprehensive range of services to help you ensure the identity, purity, safety and quality of your biopharmaceutical.

  • Host cell DNA and protein contamination detection using Real-time PCR and ELISA
  • Protein and impurity profiling by UPLC-MS-MS, LC-TOF-MS and Capillary electrophoresis
  • Glycosylation profiling
  • Leachables and extractables using LC-MS-MS, GC-MS and NMR
  • Aggregation studies

Investigative Analysis

A multi-disciplinary scientific approach ensures we are the specialist investigative laboratory of choice. A range of advanced analytical services available for complex characterisation and problem solving.


Trace Analysis and Analytical techniques are used to provide:

  • Expert spectroscopy services including FT-IR, NMR, GC-MS
  • Method development using HPLC,GC, LC-MS
  • Identification of off-flavours and taints
  • Impurity identification
  • Identification of process, trace and environmental contaminants
  • Screening for toxic materials
  • Metals analysis by AA and ICP-MS

Microscopy and Physical Science techniques to assist in:

  • Light and scanning electron microscopy
  • X-ray microanalysis and x-ray microfluorescence
  • Foreign material identification
  • Particle size morphology, crystal structure and characterisation
  • Rheology and texture analysis
  • Thermal transition methods
  • Karl Fisher, water activity and density measurements

Dietary Supplement and Natural Product Testing

Expertise in analysis and method development to assist with claim substantiation, labelling and ingredient stability.

  • Vitamins
  • Natural products
  • Herbal products
  • Functional lips (omega 3, stanols, sterols, phospholipids)
  • Matrix specific method development

Product Optimisation

Extensive expertise in taste masking and flavour manipulation including pharmaceuticals (OTC), dietary supplements and herbal products in a variety of dose formats (powders, liquids, emulsions, tablets, lozenges).

  • Bitterness masking
  • Sweetner optimisation
  • Texture development
  • Cost reduction projects


A comprehensive and broad based schedule of training courses for industry professionals.

Highly interactive training by industry experienced tutors.

More than 28 different courses available including:

  • Qualified Person
  • Responsible Person
  • Good Manufacturing Practice
  • Stability
  • Good Distribution Practice
  • Pharmaceutical Lead Auditor
  • Internal Auditing


A range of quality and technical consultancy services available for manufacturing and laboratory operations including:

  • Technical support
  • Third party quality assurance auditing
  • Validation
  • Company training management
  • Gap analysis