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Elis Cleanroom are your contamination control partner for all your cleanroom laundry requirements. Our solutions for your business include garment rental, cleaning systems, mats, sterile goggles, footwear and stock tracking with our customer accessible Elis Connect data system. With 28 cleanrooms in 17 countries we offer stringent contingency, giving you peace of mind.


Our 28 laundry sites mean we have comprehensive contingency for all your cleanroom product requirements. As your cleanroom contamination partner, we build a profile of your business so your dedicated Account Manager and our employees can understand the needs of your company.

Offering a cost-effective answer for reusable garments, goggles, cleaning solution and we are also exclusive provider of the Flexi Mat flooring system, the ClearCrown goggle and the Protection Absolute coverall. Our in-house Innovation Centre ensures both development and validation of all products we offer, meaning we can provide a wide range of documentation to ensure compliance and peace-of-mind that none of our products have any cross-contamination issues.

We also provide training on gowning, cleaning and have regular free webinars covering a wide variety of issues facing the cleanroom industry and our YouTube channel has transparency of our methods and operations. For traceability we offer Elis Connect which is an innovative digital platform providing smart data regarding your cleanroom and facility. Its benefits for you are cost control, decreased garment loss, customisable on-line dashboards, stock control and increased SOP compliance.

Elis Cleanroom

We have developed several products in conjunction with cleanroom industry leaders and are the sole provider for; the ClearCrown goggle, the Flexi Mat and the Protection Absolute coverall. The ClearCrown has the benefit of being an indirect goggle which minimises the risk of condensation for up-to 2 hours’. The Flexi Mat prevents up to 99.9% of foot and airborne contaminants from entering or exiting your critical control points. The Protection Absolute has the attributes of an aseptic gowning procedure, custom fold to ensure only interior of coverall is touched during gowning and rear zip closure to minimise risk of contamination.

Elis Cleanroom

Elis Cleanroom

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Elis Cleanroom

Elis Cleanroom


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