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Since 1990, AM Instruments has been at the forefront of the contamination control sector, focusing on the quality needs of the Life Sciences industry.


AM Instruments

As a productive industrial reality, the company implements the GMP Consistent program, ensuring a full synergy of operating modes, objectives and results with the pharmaceutical market.

Two Pharmaclean® cleanrooms for the manufacture of products for packaging and sterilisation and contract repackaging services, also using Getinge BetaBag®. Laminar flow, pass-box with decontamination system, down-cross, LAF trolley and the Zherox® line  for biodecontamination are produced in the AMTech® technology hub. An offering of more than 3,000 products  to respond effectively to customers’ requests.

Five patents and thirty registered trademarks: the result of constant research and development oriented towards innovation in terms of solutions and technology.

AM Instruments

Contamination Control Products & Technologies

Pharmaclean® production for packaging & sterilisation

AMTech® systems, facilities and equipment for cleanroom

AM Instruments

A GMP Consistent Company

In accordance with the GMP guidelines, our quality system is continuously evolving to ensure that all activities are carried out and managed according to high quality standards, ensuring total adherence to regulatory requirements.

Our quality department, coordinated by a certified GMP auditor, manages the activities, making our GMP orientation a tangible reality.
This concept applies not only to our product and service offerings, but also to every area of AM Instruments through process optimisation: from research and development to production, from customer service to internal logistics, from sales to technical support.

The continuous GMP training programme for AM Instruments personnel aims to bridge the gap between customer and supplier, creating a synergy of operating methods, objectives and results.

AM Instruments