Cherwell to participate in sterile product manufacturing think tank discussions

Published: 20-Oct-2023

Cleanroom microbiology specialists to attend and exhibit at events focused on GMP manufacturing

Cherwell, specialists in cleanroom microbiology solutions for the pharmaceutical, healthcare and related industries, is to participate in a number of open discussions around hot topics in sterile medicinal product manufacturing at forthcoming GMP manufacturing industry related UK events. Cherwell will be sharing cleanroom microbiology insights and exhibiting its environmental monitoring (EM) products, including a new product preview, at both Pharmig’s 31st Annual Conference and Cell 2023 in November.

To be held on 28-29th November, Pharmig’s conference this year will focus on ‘Hot topics in pharmaceutical microbiology’.  Alongside its programme of leading expert talks, there will also be a series of mini presentations/open discussions/demonstrations in a relaxed, informal setting around ‘Annex 1: A load of hot air (sampling) and continuous monitoring’. Cherwell will be contributing its expertise to the dialogues on this topic at Pharmig.

Cell 2023 on 7-8th November will include scientific presentations, as well as think tank roundtable discussions and workshops focusing on the growing Cell & Gene Therapy (CGT) industry. Areas of interest on the agenda that Cherwell will be participating in include ‘Strategies for CGT Manufacturing & Production (Development to GMP manufacturing)’ and ‘CGT Manufacturing Technologies: Automation, Digitalisation & Scale-Up (Continuous manufacturing considerations)’.

“Both events will provide us with excellent opportunities to actively participate in discussions and stay in close touch with the GMP manufacturing industry and its latest updates and challenges, particularly now that GMP Annex 1 is in operation,” said Eleanor Corbett, Business Development Manager North, Cherwell. “By gaining a greater understanding of the challenges within the industry, we aim to work in partnership with our customers and prospects to help them overcome any cleanroom microbiology-related issues that they face. This is not only within an advisory capacity, but by also developing and offering the necessary EM products to meet their particular needs.”

EM products that Cherwell will be demonstrating at the events include its recently launched BAMS (Bioaerosol Monitoring System), an airborne particle counter used to detect both inert and microbial particles in real-time continuous monitoring. Cherwell will also highlight its Redipor prepared media products.

Also, to be previewed at both events will be the new Redipor Irradiated Infusion Bags and Redipor Plastic Bottles, as well as Cherwell’s newest addition to its Redipor range, the Redipor Beta Bag. Soon to be launched, this new product will be able to be attached multiple times to the alpha ports of isolators and RABS for sterile transfer applications in aseptic processing environments.

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