Chemicals and Materials For Sub-100 nm IC Manufacturing

Published: 11-Apr-2017

New report by Research and Markets addresses important factors regarding manufacturing ICs with feature sizes <100nm

Research and Markets has released their “Chemicals And Materials For Sub-100 nm IC Manufacturing” report.

Chemicals and materials are used in every processing step in the fabrication of silicon and gallium arsenide integrated circuits.

Technological advances in Si and GaAs ICs have resulted in more stringent requirements in the purity and quality of processing chemicals and materials for cleaning, etching, and deposition.

As linewidths decrease, the level and size of contaminants in both chemicals and the manufacturing cleanroom become increasingly important as it directly impacts device yield.

The report addresses a number of important factors regarding the consumption of chemicals and materials for manufacturing ICs with feature sizes <100nm.

This includes:

  • Technological issues and trends;
  • Purity and particulate requirements;
  • Chemical dispensing practices;
  • Acid reprocessing;
  • Strategic considerations for chemical users;
  • Analysis and forecast of the worldwide chemical market;
  • Trends in usage as devices features decrease.

Industry Trends

  • IC Industry Growth Forecast
  • Trends in IC Processing Technology

Liquid Chemicals

  • Technology Issues
  • Acids and Solvents
  • Resists
  • Purity Requirements
  • Purification Methods
  • Particulates
  • Chemical Management
  • Introduction
  • Chemical Usage Reduction


  • Technology Issues
  • Requirements
  • Purification Alternatives
  • Particulate Considerations

Sputtering and Evaporation Materials

  • Technology Issues
  • Purity Requirements

Market Forecast

  • Market Driving Forces and Assumptions
  • Chemicals and Materials Forecast
  • Forecast By Chemical and Material
  • Chemical Use Per Unit Area Of Silicon Processed
  • Market Shares

Strategic Customer Issues

  • Benchmarking a Vendor
  • Statistical Quality Control
  • Analytical Capabilities
  • Product Manufacturing And/Or Sourcing
  • In
  • House Quality Control And Assurance
  • Analytical Tools
  • How Much Testing
  • Exhaust Gas Analysis

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