Case study: Angstrom Technology

Published: 27-Oct-2021

Angstrom Technology designs and installs three cleanrooms for pharmaceutical drug packaging company, Praxis


The pharmaceutical industry is subject to extensive regulation from governing health agencies and authorities. Any process that involves raw pharmaceutical products must therefore be carried out within the controlled environment of a cleanroom. But depending on the application (development, testing, packaging, etc.), the specifications of each of those cleanrooms can vary — which is where a trusted cleanroom manufacturer’s expertise comes into play.

This case study outlines how Angstrom Technology, a leading expert in cleanroom design, construction, and service, was able to rise to the challenge by developing a turnkey cleanroom solution for, and establishing a long lasting customer relationship with, pharmaceutical packaging company Praxis.

Through our initial work with Praxis, Angstrom developed:

  • A 2,120 square foot, ISO 8 cleanroom with a number of additional features
  • A proven commitment to meeting customer specifications and timelines
  • A rewarding customer relationship that has resulted in two identical cleanroom projects

About Praxis

Praxis is a Michigan-based, full-service contract packaging company that specialises in secondary packaging operations for a number of applications, including over the counter (OTC) and prescription pharmaceuticals. Their goal here? To install a cleanroom that would accommodate their extensive pill packaging lines.

Angstrom’s expertise in designing pharmaceutical cleanrooms, plus our ability to meet unique customer specifications prepared us to deliver an effective solution for this industrial challenge.

The challenge

Installing a pharmaceutical cleanroom around existing equipment, on a tight holiday timeline

Although pharmaceutical cleanrooms are nothing new to the Angstrom team, this project presented a few unique challenges to our team of design engineers. Praxis needed a cleanroom that would meet the stringent environmental control requirements of their pharmaceutical application, and it also needed to house a large line of new equipment: a pill packaging line.

And at the time they contacted us for services, the packaging line had already been installed at their facility. The Angstrom team needed to develop a solution so we could effectively — and cleanly — build the project around that packaging line.

Case study: Angstrom Technology

On top of that, the project had to be completed on a tight timeline centred right around the holiday season. With a difficult design and installation, and limited time and resources to accomplish them both, our team had a big challenge on our hands — but it was a challenge we were excited to dive into.

The solution

A 2,120 square foot, ISO 8 cleanroom built with the help of two construction crews

The first thing Angstrom did was mock up a cleanroom design that would meet Praxis’s specifications, accommodate their large packaging line, and incorporate any additional components and technologies they desired. The design featured the following specifications and amenities:

  • A 2,120 square foot cleanroom that met ISO Class 8 cleanliness requirements
  • A gowning room and parts storage room that also met ISO Class 8 cleanliness requirements
  • A 14 foot internal ceiling height to accommodate large packaging line equipment
  • An epoxy floor for seamless cleaning, exceptional durability, and sleek cosmetic appeal

Once the designs were approved, we promptly started construction — utilizing two crews so we could work around the clock to ensure the project timeline was met during the busy holiday season. The cleanroom was fully constructed and ready for operations exactly according to the approved timeline.

The results

A long-term partnership that gives Praxis a competitive edge in the packaging industry and that's resulted in two more identical cleanroom projects

Case study: Angstrom Technology

Angstrom Technology helped Praxis accomplish their goal of installing a cleanroom that meets necessary ISO standards and stores their necessary machinery.

With a skilled group of design engineers and two hard working construction crews, our team was able to complete a tricky install around an existing piece of large equipment, both on time and on budget. The cleanroom now operates efficiently to help Praxis streamline its packaging process every day.

But this isn’t where Angstrom’s and Praxis’s story ends. The success of this project was just the start of Angstrom's long-term partnership with the Praxis team. Since this initial project, Praxis has trusted Angstrom to complete two more identical cleanroom builds — both of which were constructed with the same efficiency and quality as the first. Now, whenever Praxis is in need of a new cleanroom, Angstrom is their first call.

Moving forward, Praxis is now able to use these three cleanrooms to market their clean production line services. In the highly competitive packaging industry, that cleanliness factor offers additional value for prospective customers, helping Praxis stand out amongst their competitors and consistently earn new business.

As for Angstrom, we continue to design, construct, and service custom cleanrooms for customers in the pharmaceutical industry, among others. We’re able to use this project as a testament to our effective problem-solving skills, quality products, and exceptional service — all in an effort to gain more great customers and tackle more unique challenges.

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