Berner Nitrile glove from Helapet sets the standard

Published: 9-Dec-2013

The glove offers superior strength and the highest level of touch sensitivity and ease of movement

Enhancing the protective properties of nitrile with a new blend, the Berner Nitrile cleanroom glove is said to guarantee more than eight hours of chemical resistance without compromising on comfort, grip or dexterity.

Meeting the latest EN-374 and ASTM standards in permeation and viral testing, the glove offers protection against several hazardous substances including cytotoxics, bio-agents and viruses. The robustness of the nitrile composition certifies easy handling of long chemical exposures without the need for double gloving, saving on time and expense, the firm says.

As well as superior strength, the glove features the highest level of touch sensitivity and ease of movement, with textured fingertips allowing safe handling of both wet and dry products. This combination of strength and comfort is complimented with a long 300mm beaded cuff for additional protection above the wrist.

Completely latex- and powder-free, the Berner Nitrile glove can be safely used by allergen suffers and in designated latex-free zones. Presented in low-particle poly-packaging, the glove can be used for precise chemical handling in up to Class 100 (ISO 5) cleanroom environments.

Helapet is a UK-based specialist supplier of cleanroom consumables and the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for the Berner brand of personal protective equipment.

This latest addition to the firm's range of Berner brand protective cleanroom gloves now means it offers a complete selection of latex, neoprene and nitrile materials to meet any desired application.

The new Berner Nitrile glove is available in both sterile and non-sterile versions in a full range of sizes.

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