Aramark reusable sterile goggle remains clear when irradiated

Published: 11-Feb-2013

Acuity Goggle sets a new standard for clarity, durability and safety in protective eyewear

Aramark Cleanroom Services, a US-based provider of sterile products and services for cleanroom environments, has introduced what it claims is the world's first and only reusable goggle that is validated sterile and does not discolour or break down during the sterilisation process.

The Aramark Acuity Goggle maintains visual clarity, does not discolour and emits no odour when irradiated, the company, which is located in Burbank, CA, says.

“The Acuity Goggle truly is a game changer for people and companies working in a research or manufacturing setting, where maintaining a sterile environment is critical,” said Mike Rataj, Group Technical Manager at Aramark Cleanroom Services. “Before, their reusable protective eyewear would turn yellow and start to break down each time it went through the sterilisation process, and would often impede the visual clarity they need to do their jobs.”

The Aramark Acuity Goggle is more durable and retains its visual transmittance through 25 irradiation cycles, whereas other goggles can only be used from one to eight times before they must be discarded. This results in greater cost and safety benefits, and has the added environmental benefit of reducing waste and allows for a more sustainable approach for pharmaceutical, biotechnology, electronics and other companies who operate sterile facilities.

Additional benefits to the wearer include a patented adjustable low-particulating comfort strap with gamma compatible buckles, oversized indirect vents that limit fogging and improved air flow, and the goggles are custom designed to accommodate prescription glasses while providing superior peripheral visibility.

“The Acuity Goggle is ANSI Z87 compliant and is validated and generally appropriate for use in both aseptic and non-aseptic environments,” Rataj added.

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