Amazon Filters expands portfolio

Published: 1-May-2018

UK manufacturer has launched a filtration system for paints and coatings and a sterile gas filter for biopharmaceutical processing

Amazon filters has announced the launch of SupaClean and SupaPore THB, two new ranges targeting the paint and coatings and biopharma sectors.

The SupaClean filtration system has been designed to help paints and coatings manufacturers remove impurities such as skins, coagulants and undispersed pigments from their final product.

In a statement, Amazon Filters explained: “Filtration of paints, oils, varnishes and lacquers can be one of the most complicated liquid-particle separations encountered. The filtered product can vary from very thin and low-viscosity, to very viscous and even thixotropic in nature. Such products may have a varying solids content and the nature of those solids can be both the desired (pigments and dyes) and the undesired (agglomerates and contamination).”

To help paint and coatings manufacturers and users meet these challenges, Amazon Filters has incorporated SupaSpun, SupaGard and VisClear meltblown cartridge filters into its SupaClean contained filtration system.

The SupaClean system ensures that all filters and processed liquids are secured inside an isolated assembly that utilises two sealed anti-static plastic bags connected to a moulded manifold.

The whole disposable filter assembly is contained inside a stainless-steel housing to enable the system to operate under pressure, and by having the filters and fluid contained, this minimises operator contact and substantially reduces clean down times.

Filter change-out using SupaClean assemblies is quick and simple reducing the traditional high operational costs associated with cleaning and changing paint and coating production filters. Each filter assembly can be simply and quickly lifted out of the housing and replaced by a new unit.

Each SupaClean filter unit is supplied already assembled, which eliminates the risk of operators not installing filters correctly and the risk filter by-pass occurring.

Biopharma processing filter cartridges

Amazon Filters has also launched SupaPore THB filter cartridges (pictured right) for biopharmaceutical processing.

Amazon Filters expands portfolio

Rated to 0.02µm the SupaPore THB filter cartridges have been designed to ensure effective removal of contaminants from gases that come into product contact during biopharmaceutical or pharmaceutical sterile packaging processes.

Designed to meet US FDA 21 CFR Title 21 requirements, SupaPore THB filter cartridges provide a barrier that guarantees the sterility of the process. The SupaPore THB filter removes viruses and microorganisms from the gas as it flows either in the facilities compressed gas main or in and out of the product storage tank.

Manufactured using a highly hydrophobic PTFE membrane, the SupaPore THB cartridge filter offers exceptionally high gas flow rates at low pressure differentials thereby minimising operating costs.

In addition, SupaPore THB cartridge filters provide retention, thermal and hydraulic stress performance. All SupaPore THB filter cartridges are thermally bonded and adhesive free.

“Each unit is pre-flushed with ultra-pure water and integrity tested before final assembly. SupaPore THB filter cartridges are proven to deliver trouble free operation even after many steam sterilisation cleaning cycles,” the company said.

Amazon Filters manufactures a comprehensive range of liquid housings, including the industrial 50 and 60 Series and the 70 Series, for hygienic applications, for liquid applications, but for SupaPore THB filter cartridges the 74 series of gas housings have been developed to ensure the optimum performance of the product.

A British manufacturer, Amazon Filters Ltd. designs and manufactures an extensive range of liquid filtration systems for various industries.

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