Agma introduces easy-to-use sporicide

Published: 11-Jan-2007

Agma has introduced Zyceine, a sporicide presented in a novel format that will make handling and use in cleanroom situations easier.

Sporicides are by their nature inherently unstable materials that start to deteriorate in strength from the moment of preparation. This means that, despite various proprietary claims for enhanced stability, effectiveness of premixed products, such as chlorine dioxide or hypochlorite solutions is hard to predict. The only alternative has been for users to prepare potentially hazardous solutions at point of use and on a just in time basis.

To overcome these problems Agma has introduced Zyceine, a uniquely presented sporicide, where two components are kept separate and sterile until the point of use.

This is achieved in a foil pouch combining two compartments divided by a vulnerable seal. One compartment contains the liquid component, the second the dry component and a lint free wipe. Each pouch and its contents precision made, packed and sealed in a quality managed cleanroom environment.

When the sporicide is required, the vulnerable seal is broken and the sterilised pouch is manipulated for a short time, after which the pouch is torn open and the wet wipes are removed individually for use. No special tools or skills are required – the activation procedure being entirely manual.

Zyceine is available in cases each containing 10 pouches of 5 wipes.

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