AGMA clarifies relationship with Agmehra in India

Published: 15-Jan-2020

The cleaning and hygiene products manufacturer informs the public the distributorship with the Indian company terminated in 2018

AGMA has released a public statement to clarify its current relationship with Agmehra Private Limited in India.

The cleaning and hygiene products manufacturer said the Indian company failed to fulfil a previous distributorship agreement signed between with AGMA in 2015 and that distributorship ended in 2018.

The statement reads: "AGMA wishes to inform the public at large that AGMA has not been associated with Agmehra, its processes, its manufacturing or the products that are being manufactured by Agmehra for some time (as stated previously) and AGMA has no knowledge of the method or quality of products that are being manufactured and sold by Agmehra.

"AGMA shall not be responsible whatsoever for any incidents or losses that may occur to any customers of Agmehra due to sale or usage of products made by Agmehra. If you are in any doubt about the quality and integrity of products you have purchased you may wish to have them independently validated."

UK-based AGMA continues to market products in India, but through no association with Agmehra.

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