AdvantaPure offers BioClosure System Assemblies that reduce assembly time

Published: 9-Mar-2016

Single-use solutions help decrease contamination risks

AdvantaPure now offers its BioClosure container closures, made from AdvantaFlex biopharmaceutical grade TPE, as standard, ready-to-use, closed systems.

Called BioClosure System Assemblies, they feature a robust design with elastomeric seals against the containers and unobstructed fluid paths. Applications include aseptic sampling, cell growth, filling, process R&D and cold storage.

'Customers need high quality, single-use systems that protect their products and reduce the risk of contamination,' said Lawrence Morano, Global Sales Manager. 'BioClosure System Assemblies are the ideal choice for many bioprocess applications and can be easily used with sterile tubing welders and sealers.'

BioClosure System Assemblies include single-use AdvantaFlex fluid transfer tubing and moulded container closures, plus filters and caps for media bottles, Erlenmeyer flasks and carboys.

Other key features of the closed system assemblies are that they meet ISO and USP standards including Class VI; they are made in ISO 7 (Class 10,000) certified cleanrooms and they offer easy connections since AdvantaFlex tubing is sterile weldable and heat sealable.

Container capacities range from 125ml to 2L for media bottles, 1 and 2L for Erlenmeyer flasks, and 2.5 to 40L for carboys. Bottle and flask assemblies are provided gamma sterilised; cap assemblies for carboys, available in two or three port styles, are offered non-sterile or gamma sterilised. AdvantaPure also supplies carboys separately from their BioClosure cap assemblies.

BioClosure System Assemblies are available in platinum-cured, Class VI silicone in addition to AdvantaFlex TPE. Custom design and connector options are available upon request.

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