Steris launches rapid point-of-use sterilisation device


System 1 Express said to offer broad device and material compatibility

System 1 Express Sterile Processing System is designed to improve the workflow of busy operating theatres

Steris Corporation has launched the System 1 Express Sterile Processing System, a rapid, point-of-use device processor designed to improve the workflow of busy operating theatres. Using the powerful S40 Sterilant Concentrate, it has a processing time of approximately 18 minutes, offering what is said to be the fastest validated sterilisation process on the market and minimising downtime between patients.

Building on the success of the original SYSTEM 1, Steris has invested more than 21 years of experience in liquid chemical sterilisation technology to ensure the Sytem 1 Express offers the broadest device and material compatibility, while maintaining the highest standards of patient care.

Point-of-use processing allows more rapid turnaround of equipment, reducing the need for a large and expensive equipment inventory. The compact System 1 Express offers extensive critical and semi-critical medical device reprocessing capabilities including multi-channel flexible surgical endoscopes and the neutral pH S40 Sterilant Concentrate helps to minimise potential corrosion of delicate equipment.

Using two quick rinse cycles to reduce energy and water consumption, the System 1 Express provides rapid access to vital equipment, offering a practical, economical and environmentally friendly solution to help maintain tight surgical schedules.