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Neogen acquires Lab M Holdings

Neogen will maintain Lab M's current facility, and its operations will be managed by Neogen's Scotland-based subsidiary, Neogen Europe

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UK company fined for safety failings leading to risk of Legionella

No appropriate measures taken to control the risk of proliferation of the bacteria since 2009

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Dealing with waterborne bacterial threats

Checking that water supplies are free of harmful bacteria is a routine but essential task for healthcare facilities. Water microbiology consultant David Sartory outlines the microbes to look out for, how to carry out tests and take remedial action should the tests show positive

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Sigma-Aldrich to provide Public Health England with NCTC/NCPF-certified reference materials

Products will increase customer confidence in the quality and accuracy of analytical data, says PHE

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Molex delivers ISO-compliant, medical-grade surgical cables from its class 100,000 cleanroom facility

Micro-organism-controlled environment ensures full conformance to industry standards and regulatory requirements

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Strategies for biofilm remediation

Biofilm creation presents a challenge to maintaining clean processes within GMP regulated industries as many factors are involved. A. Deal, D. Klein and P. Lopolito, Steris Corporation Life Science Division, describe a project aimed at seeing how diferent parameters affect biofilms


Ultrapure water for graphene research

Graphene, a hexagonal lattice of carbon atoms just one atom thick, has many unusual properties. Research into these requires ultrapure water. Greg Pilbrow, Sales Director, Veolia Water Technologies UK, describes the ultrapure water system installed in a cleanroom for graphene research

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Addressing the challenges of increasing drug potency in manufacturing

With more new potent drug ingredients being formulated as nanomaterials, Powder Systems Ltd (PSL) looks at recent technological developments that further reduce product exposures when operating high containment isolators and gloveboxes

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LGC purchases South African testing firm Thistle QA

Expanding its clinical proficiency testing (PT) offering

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Best practice for a compliant Institutional Biosafety Committee

Research using biological agents has increased dramatically and more companies need to set up Institutional Biosafety Committees to ensure compliance in safe handling of such agents. Elizabeth Gilman Duane, Environmental Health & Engineering, outlines the key considerations when putting together an

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