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Biosenta disinfectant kills 100% of moulds, fungi, bacteria and viruses

Company claims the as yet unnamed disinfectant will kill Ebola and Enterovirus D68

North America | Infection Control | Cleaning

Fishers casts a wider net in cleanroom garment laundering

Fishers Services has for many years been a big player in the UK linens and laundry business but a small player in cleanroom garment laundering. Recently it expanded and is now providing a national bespoke service. Susan Birks visited the cleanroom facility in Livingston to find out more

Clothing and Personal Equipment | Europe | Cleaning

Study shows triclosan can cause liver tumours in mice

The ingredient is used in many products as an antibacterial

North America | Cleaning

Synbiosis launches automated colony identification system for use with CHROMagar

Provides quick, accurate identification and counting of major pathogens

Europe | Information Technology

Do commercial QC organism preparations differ?

Commercial QC organism preparations are widely used for growth promotion testing, but do the growth characteristics differ from supplier to supplier and could this affect the results in the lab? Rapid Micro Biosystems describes a recent study that offers some insight

Measurement and Analysis

It will probably never happen, but…

A breach in sterility within a classified facility can cause delays and lost product batches. Chris Langley, Bioquell UK, looks at how establishing a Contamination Event Recovery Plan can minimise what could otherwise be costly delays

Design and Build | Containment | Cleaning | Manufacturing

Jet and warm air hand driers contaminate air in washrooms, study finds

Bacteria are blown into the air, onto users and onto bystanders, risking cross contamination between washroom users

Design and Build | Europe | Infection Control | Cleaning

Garment laundering: why the US sector needs innovation

With little change in gown cleaning services over the past 50 years, Richard Kinsman, CO2Nexus, argues that cleanroom garment users in the US would benefit from a more innovative approach to laundering

Clothing and Personal Equipment | Cleaning

Compact Flexicon FPC50W filling machine offers accuracy, flexibility and efficiency

Handles filling requirements for clinical trials and medium batch production with peristaltic aseptic filling technology

Europe | Manufacturing

Proper protection for handling chemicals

The selection of personal protective equipment (PPE) for chemical hazard situations is a complex task and often is either over- or under-specified. DuPont illustrates the need for systematic risk analysis to get it right

Clothing and Personal Equipment | Regulatory