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Novel use for Plymouth University cleanroom comes to light

Plymouth University has established the gold standard for reading specialist security threads embedded in bank notes

Europe | Electronics | Manufacturing and Equipment

Mesa Laboratories acquires UK and Germany distribution of biological indicators

These products are used to assess the effectiveness of sterilisation processes

Europe | Cleaning | Measurement and Analysis

A review of past and future design challenges

John Challenger, non-executive Chairman, WH Partnership, looks back at how cleanroom design has developed over the past 40 years and at the current drivers in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology sectors that might affect designs in the future

Design and Build | Pharmaceuticals

IEST publishes IEST-RP-CC012.3

The Recommended Practice provides information on cleanroom planning procedures, design requirements, and construction protocol

Design and Build | North America | Regulatory

AstraZeneca gets planning consent for new global R&D centre in Cambridge, UK

Work on the new building is expected to be completed by 2017

Design and Build | Europe

Moving towards green barrier systems

As the pharmaceutical sector looks to cut costs wherever possible, Dr Johannes Rauschnabel, Chief Pharma Expert, Bosch Packaging Technology, reviews the energy use of RABS vs isolators

Containment | Manufacturing and Equipment | Pharmaceuticals

Ejector solution gives cleanroom productivity a big push

Sumitomo Demag ejector and mould control algorithm synchronises ejector forward speed with mould open speed

Design and Build | Europe | Manufacturing and Equipment

Auditing cleanrooms

Many aspects of a cleanroom are designed to ensure contamination control, including control of air movement, air filtration, cleanroom practices, cleaning and disinfection schemes. Tim Sandle discusses how the different aspects are assessed through the audit process

Regulatory | Measurement and Analysis

Mack Molding invests $2m in cleanroom moulding capacity

Upturn in demand for medical consumables encourages move into high-volume, single-use medical device components

Design and Build | North America

Future evolution of rapid transfer port systems for pharma

Rapid transfer port systems have evolved over the years for use in pharmaceuticals and other industries. Getinge-La Calhène reviews the potential for improving systems further to meet ever-stricter ergonomic and safety requirements

Containment | Manufacturing and Equipment | Pharmaceuticals

BAM wins life science facility contract from Coventry University

The five-storey building will provide a 'superlab' for life science teaching

Design and Build | Europe

Diagnostics depend on precision moulding

The latest micro-fluidic medical diagnostic systems are produced on a device no larger than a credit card. Sumitomo (SHI) Demag provided the specialised micro-injection moulding machine, designed to maintain the highest precision in a cleanroom environment

Measurement and Analysis | Manufacturing and Equipment