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Beneath the surface: stainless steel for pharma production

Stainless steel needs to be maintained through suitable surface finishing and cleaning methods. Nigel Willcock, 3M’s Abrasive Systems Division, discusses the properties of stainless steel and how to optimise its benefits


NextGuard X-ray has new inspection capability and improved detection

Food manufacturers can now inspect for missing pieces and under/over fills plus contaminants

Imaging Analysis | North America | Measurement and Analysis

How to set up and monitor a contamination control and sterilisation process

NSF Health Sciences Medical Devices, which assists companies in navigating US and international regulatory hurdles from product inception through to marketing, discusses how to set up a dynamic sterilisation process to deal with a constantly changing manufacturing environment

Regulatory | Measurement and Analysis

Scientists create new anti microbial nano silver concentrate Microbisil

Form a licensing agreement with Goldsol to manufacture and distribute the product

North America | Infection Control

Improving process safety during surface disinfection

Regular floor disinfection is a necessary part of cleanroom operation but such manual processes are difficult to validate. Margarete Witt-Mäckel and Dietmar Pfennig describe how suitably designed equipment can help

Europe | Cleaning

Parx Plastics launches biocompatible and non-toxic antibacterial plastic

Company recently identified by the European Commission as one of the top tech startups with its technology derived from biomimetics to create antimicrobial plastics

Europe | Infection Control

New sporicidal pouch wipes burst onto the scene

A flexible and convenient system has been developed that impregnates wipes and mop covers with sporicides and other biocides on the day they are needed, maintaining biocidal peformance, argues Redditch Medical


Finalists revealed for the Cleanroom Award 2014

Ultimate winner to be decided by visitors to Cleanzone, the International Trade Fair and Congress for Cleanroom Technology in Frankfurt on 21-22 October

Design and Build | Clothing and Personal Equipment | Europe | Manufacturing

Saving energy in cleanrooms

Cleanrooms consume large amounts of energy and it is common for power requirements to be specified based on norms without a clear understanding of the dynamics. Alexander Fedotov, Invar-project, considers steps to reduce energy consumption based on real examples and figures

Design and Build | Sustainability | Regulatory

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