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Meritech offers controlled access handwashing system

Automatically opens at the end of each 12-second handwash cycle

North America | Infection Control

Managing aseptic gowning within classified environments

Aseptic gowning is key to contamination control in aseptic processes. Brian Hayes, Ipsen Biopharm, outlines some best practices used in the routine gowning management process for successful aseptic processing

Clothing and Personal Equipment | Infection Control

Siemens boosts hygiene for liquid level measurement

The SITRANS solution is now available with a hygiene-encapsulated antenna and benefits from European Hygienic Engineering and Design Group (EHEDG) approval

Measurement and Analysis

Global cleanroom technology market to be worth US$4.29bn by 2020, report forecasts

North America is the largest market segment owing to technological advances

Design and Build | North America

Selecting stoppers for use in the lyophilisation of moisture-sensitive drugs

When considering the lyophilisation of moisture-sensitive biopharmaceuticals, companies must not only consider the moisture transfer via the container but also the stopper, as Dr Heike Kofler, West Pharmaceutical Services, explains

Manufacturing and Equipment | Pharmaceuticals

Clece chooses Xenex Germ-Zapping robots for hospital disinfection in Spain and Portugal

The robots use pulsed xenon to create UV light that quickly destroys infectious germs

Europe | Infection Control | Cleaning

Rapid, reliable filling of liquid injectables

Zydus Cadila recently expanded its sterile injectables filling operations. Nicola Magriotis, Romaco, explains why its Macofar VF 18 aseptic vial filler was ideal for the job

Manufacturing and Equipment

PPE-free drug production: the future of containment

With increasing emphasis on operator safety and product protection, better containment solutions are needed by the pharma sector. Phil Gabb, Sales Director, GEA Pharma Systems, examines whether personal protection equipment-free drug production is a possibility in the near future

Containment | Manufacturing and Equipment | Pharmaceuticals

Improving airborne pathogen measurement

Frequently contamination monitoring relies on the swabbing of surfaces but Jim Mills, Managing Director, Air Monitors, describes how cyclone technology developed in France is being used for improved bioaerosol sampling of a variety of environments

Measurement and Analysis

Sanitiser with UVC LED technology could reduce the spread of superbugs in hospitals

ElectroClave UV sanitiser allows tablet computers and smartphones to be cleaned

North America | Infection Control | Cleaning

Pharma construction: meeting the new safety regulations

In April 2015 the new Construction Design and Management (CDM) Regulations 2015 come into force in the UK. So what do pharmaceutical manufacturers planning construction projects need to know? Todd Hallam, EHS Director at specialist high-care construction company Chalcroft, explains

Design and Build | Europe | Regulatory | Pharmaceuticals