Seal Shield to launch dishwasher-safe, medical grade keyboard

US-based Seal Shield Corporation has launched the first products in a complete family of infection control solutions.

The company's signature products, the Seal Shield medical grade washable keyboard and mouse are said to be the first to be fully submersible and dishwasher safe.

Seal Shield's products have been developed in response to the demand from healthcare organisations for disinfectant solutions to combat the spread of cross contamination infections.

The recent rise in hospital acquired infections, and the lack of an effective treatment for MRSA, has prompted healthcare providers to re-examine their cleaning protocols in an effort to reduce cross contaminations. Recent studies have shown the computer keyboard and mouse to be a major source of cross contamination infections.

According to Dr Daniel LePera, "Bacteria that reside in the upper mouth or respiratory tract can travel to an in-office computer keyboard and survive as long as 24 hours. Viruses can live on them for one hour or more."

In response to the demand from major hospitals, Seal Shield has developed a family of common computer input devices that can be disinfected and washed in order to prevent the spread of bacterial infection.

Previous attempts to properly clean and disinfect keyboards have proven ineffective due to the keyboard's electronic circuitry. Existing solutions have either been cost prohibitive or unreliable. Even so-called 'spill proof' or 'washable' keyboards have been shown to be ineffective. Although those products may be water resistant to a point, they are not fully submersible and not dishwasher safe.

"The Seal Shield medical grade washable keyboard and mouse are the only solutions that are fully submersible and dishwasher safe. Our products have been designed for healthcare, but are aggressively priced for the mass market," stated Bradley Whitchurch, ceo at Seal Shield. "Seal Shield medical grade washable input devices, combined with effective cleaning protocols, represent a proven and economical solution for reducing hospital infection rates."