PowderSafe Type B enclosure protects workers


Provides a controlled negative pressure HEPA-filtered environment

PowderSafe Type B enclosure

AirClean Systemsí PowderSafe Type B enclosure provides a controlled negative pressure HEPA-filtered environment for those who work with and weigh powders.

The PowderSafe Type B enclosure is made from polypropylene, a chemically resistant, high mass polymer that is easy to clean without the worry of degradation. The high mass construction alleviates the threat of vibration and balance disturbance during weighing.

Exclusive to PowderSafe enclosures, HepaSafe technology allows the operator to change both the prefilter and the primary HEPA filter while the enclosure remains under negative pressure.

In addition, FlowSmooth technology provides even, horizontal air distribution throughout the enclosure, preventing turbulence.

This laminar horizontal air movement is also key to protecting the operator from hazardous chemicals and compounds being manipulated within the enclosure.

The AirSafe automatic safety controller, a standard feature on all PowderSafe enclosures, monitors and maintains proper face velocity to ensure accurate balance readings without turbulence or vibration.

AirSafe also monitors HEPA filtration and will alert the operator if filter change is necessary. This allows PowderSafe to be completely self-contained and self-monitored, eliminating the need for external filter boxes, ductwork, filter sampling ports, or other cumbersome parts.