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Micron pledges $100bn investment towards “Megafab” facility

New Green CHIPS Community Fund to invest $500 million in community and workforce development over time

Exyte acquires cleaning systems specialist Airgard

Exyte CEO Büchele: “Acquisition will strengthen our position to support customers with technical solutions for their exhaust management.”

KLA announces plans for semiconductor R&D facility

The new state-of-the-art innovation centre and manufacturing facility will include offices, cleanrooms, storage and support facilities and accommod...

Q&A: Halyard R&D Director talks cleanroom gloves for different sectors

Halyard Health's Siew Hoe Tan discusses the different considerations, requirements and advancements used when manufacturing gloves for semiconducto...

SEED Biosciences' robot wins approval for cleanroom use

The company’s pipetting robot DISPENCELL enables scientists to isolate single cells reliably through gentle dispensing, improving cell viability an...

Heijmans finishes ESA satellite testing facility expansion project

ESA’s ESTEC Test Centre in the Netherlands has been expanded with a new 350 sqm cleanroom to offer extra space to host satellites

A fully custom cleanroom solution for a hi-tech company

ProCleanroom completed a project for the sister companies IPS Technology and Innovar Cleaning Control using the company’s patented PanelBloc cleanr...

A look at the US cleanroom market | Beyond the engineering

The infection control sector is intrinsically intertwined with the engineering sector, and any major change in demand and needs causes a domino eff...

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InnovateUK funnels $10m into UK microelectronics infrastructure

Custom Interconnect has been supported by the investment to add 46,000 sqft to its facility, including a 15,000 sqft ISO Class 7 cleanroom

Case study of a cleanroom build: To infinity and beyond

A £50m innovation hub requires some specialist environments. Connect 2 Cleanrooms discusses the 325 sqm cleanroom the company built for satellite e...

Vision 2022: new year, new cleanroom

What are likely to be the top headlines of 2022? From new design concepts, to global shortages, to fresh businesses popping up worldwide. If 2020 w...

X-ray technology company chooses Nordic Cleanroom for ISO 7 build

Nordic Cleanroom was chosen to provide a new ISO Class 7 cleanroom for the Sweden-based company LuxBright

Hi-tech equipment moving specialist reports 33% turnover increase since the pandemic

IES has reported a turnover increased of a third, with 22% in just the past year including projects for Catalent, HP, and AB Dynamics