Wiskind attends the 3rd Shenzhen Catering Expo in 2020

On 9-11 November Wiskind joined the Central Kitchen Industry Exhibition in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center

With the sudden outbreak of the epidemic, the issue of providing food and clothing for front-line personnel working in epidemic prevention has become the primary task. The central kitchen group meal field has played a major role in Wuhan, Hubei and even across the country, providing safe and healthy catering services for front-line personnel, fully guaranteeing their food needs in the fight against the epidemic.

On 9-11 November, at Shenzhen Catering Expo, Wiskind attended the Central Kitchen Industry Exhibition in Shenzhen International Convention and Exhibition Center. Wiskind is a trusted company in the field of clean room enclosure systems and has attracted the attention of many friends in the industry with professional solutions and high-standard products, and won the Central Kitchen Supplier Excellence Award.

Cleanroom wall panels

In order to ensure risk-free of food safety, it is necessary to uniformly complete the process of purchasing, storing, processing, packaging, retaining samples, transportation, cleaning and disinfection of dishes in the central kitchen. Therefore, during the construction process, wall panels need to have the advantage of being resistent to corrosion and high temperatures, whiling being easy to clean. At present, most of the central kitchens use stainless steel cleanroom panels, which meet the corrosion resistance problem, but the aesthetics are greatly reduced. Moreover, if employees work in a high-gloss environment for a long time, it can cause dizziness and affect work efficiency.

Starting from environmental friendliness and functional integration, Wiskind launched the endure cleanroom panel, which was immersed in 10% hydrochloric acid and 10% sodium hydroxide at normal temperature for 1208 hours without any changes on the surface. Compared with stainless steel, the finish is matte design, the color is shell white, the gloss is 8-10 gloss units, the surface is fine and uniform, which greatly improves the aesthetics of the central kitchen.

Secondly, the key point in the construction of food workshops is waterproofing. Since processing utensils need to be cleaned and disinfected and cooking often need to be washed, so when installing the cleanroom panel and the ground, it is necessary to do a good job of waterproofing the floor. The waterproof node of the stainless steel floor tank completely avoids the problem of corrosion and blistering of the board surface due to washing, which affects the service life of the plant.