Uvex offers autoclavable safety eyewear


Uvex CR range also features an anti-fog and scratch-resistant coating

Uvex, a German specialist in protective eyewear, has developed what it claims is the first autoclavable safety eyewear with an anti-fog coating for specialist applications including sterile working environments.

From ultra-light safety spectacles to goggles with a panorama lens, the uvex CR range is suitable for specialist sterile requirements in areas such as laboratories, clinics, cleanrooms, medical, pharmaceutical, food industries and R&D, where absolute hygiene and controlled environmental contamination are critical.

The safety eyewear has been designed for repeat autoclave sterilisation (up to 10 cycles at 121°C for 20 minutes). If temperatures are higher or sterilisation is carried out more frequently, replacement of the eyewear is recommended.

There is a choice of three models – the uvex super fit CR, ultra-light safety spectacles with incredibly thin wraparound lenses ensuring a wide field of vision, plus the uvex super f OTG CR over spec and ultrasonic CR goggles, whose high resolution and panoramic lenses allows them to be worn over prescription spectacles.

Lens replacements are available for the uvex ultrasonic CR wide-vision goggles.

Compatible with other items of PPE, such as surgical face masks, the uvex supravision scratch-resistant coating on the lenses makes them anti-fog on the inside and scratch-resistant on the outside.

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The goggle features a smooth neoprene headband for improved hygiene and comfortable, easy fitting.