UV Flu Technologies launches RX Air Plus

Brings together RX-3000 and ViraTech UV-400 technologies that kill more than 99% of bacteria

UV Flu Technologies, a US developer of air purification products, has begun marketing the RX Air Plus air purification system, which packages the RX-3000, built by the company's RxAir Industries subsidiary, which was acquired earlier this year, with two ViraTech UV-400 units.

UV Flu believes this to be the only air purification system to use two different FDA approved Class II medical devices as an integrated system.

RX Air Plus brings together the two technologies, which combine to kill more than 99% of bacteria and other contaminants, while reducing all odours and volatile organic compounds, as well as capturing more than 99.97% of all particulates within an indoor area of up to 1,500ft2 in size.

“No other company offers a system that matches the capabilities of these combined technologies,” claims John Lennon, president of UV Flu Technologies.

“The two ViraTech UV-400 units utilise hi-intensity germicidal UV lamps contained within a patented cartridge, which kills organic contaminants while also breaking down odours and concentrations of VOCs. The RX-3000 is one of the finest HEPA based air purifiers, capturing more than 99.97% of particulates.”