Transforming therapeutic cleanroom design


AES Clean Technology introduces Faciliflex Module, a transformational new concept in designing cleanrooms for the production of lifesaving therapeutics

Design becomes as simple as mixing and matching separate components to create the most efficient, custom facility—with each component designed to connect together as a fully integrated, climate-controlled cleanroom. Faciliflex Module reduces customer risks to both production and timelines.

Each Faciliflex Module is a standardised cleanroom “baseblock,” with fully integrated processing modules that can be rearranged and reconfigured to meet the unique needs of every life sciences customer.

With Faciliflex Module, customers can pick-and-choose multiple units that meet their specific cleanroom needs, from cell culture suites to packaging; from pre-designed units to specialised suites.

As with all AES Clean Technology cleanrooms, each Faciliflex Module is guaranteed compliant to both federal and industry standards.

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