Toshiba to construct a new fab for 3D flash memory

The new facility will require a new cleanroom with dedicated equipment for the 3D process

Toshiba is to build a new fab facility for expanded production of BiCS FLASH, its proprietary 3D flash memory, on land adjacent to the Yokkaichi Operations memory production complex in Mie prefecture, Japan.

The electronics giant says NAND flash memory is a driving force in data storage and has extensive applications in smartphones, tablets and other personal digital equipment. It is also taking an increasingly important role in enterprise computing and datacentres.

Toshiba says the production of BiCS FLASH requires a new cleanroom with dedicated equipment for the 3D process. The firm's new Fab 2 building, which will be fully completed in the first half of the 2016 financial year, will initially provide this space, but to meet future growth in demand for 3D flash memories, Toshiba says it will need to construct an additional cleanroom.

Having increased capacity will enable the firm to respond quickly to the transition from 2D to 3D flash memories, Toshiba says.

Toshiba's Board of Directors has a construction and equipment investment plan for the new fabrication facility, which will cost approximately ¥360bn from FY2016 to FY2018.

Precise details on the construction schedule and facility investment will be given in FY2016, in line with market trends, with production expected no earlier than CY2018, the firm says.