Telstar unveils 'smart' cleanroom HVAC system


Telstar has designed an innovative HVAC control system that provides automatic regulation in cleanrooms and saves over 40% in energy consumption

Telstar develops innovative technology and systems for use in cleanrooms

Telstar develops innovative technology and systems for use in cleanrooms

Telstar has designed and developed an HVAC control system to provide automatic regulation in cleanrooms. The system automatically controls, in real time, the room air renovations determined by the particles concentration level, keeping the cleanroom environment in complaiance with GMP regulations.

The system has been proven to keep the air quality optimal via an automatic control mechanism which provides steady, stable air changes, without oscillations, in accordance with the GMP environment classifications corresponding to each room or installation.

The new system integrates a particular technology that automatically activates air renewal cycles while maintaining pressure, temperature and humidity variables under stable conditions.

The precision in the HVAC control process is an asset that allows the system to reduce the frequency of air renewal cycles to reach the maximum level permitted of particles in the room, in accordance with GMP classification.

This is an attribute of the new automatic system that provides the operator with a significant efficiency level as well as over a 40% reduction in energy consumption, depending on the activities carried out in the room and its classification.

The company says the new smart cleanroom HVAC system decreases the room air changes and power consumption, yet has been proven to guarantee the air quality in accordance with the room classification following the regulations stated in EU GMP Annex 1 and ISO Standard 16644-1.

The new HVAC control system is driven by an advanced PLC that is connected to a particle counter and an air handling unit and adapted by Telstar to new installations and cleanrooms.

The innovative system, which offers flexibility to be adapted to a conventional system in operation, can be adjusted to the specific needs of each room and be customised by the operator using a control touch screen to define many parameters, for example security margins and control mode.

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The innovative control system has been validated by GAMP 5 which, promoted by the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), guarantees a good automated manufacturing practice in the pharmaceutical industry.