Telstar develops high containment barrier systems for Korean pharmaceutical firm


Specially developed for the manufacture of oncological pharmaceutical products and research in the biotechnology field

Telstar has developed two high containment barrier systems for the Korean firm, Komipharm Pharmaceuticals, one of the largest producers in Asia of anti-cancer drugs in human oral dosage form and veterinary medicines. The systems, one for API Sampling and the other for QC Sample Handling will be used in Komipharm's new facility, in the South Korean city of Cheongwon, Chungcheongbuk-do.

The systems will provide a high level of containment to protect operators during the manufacturing process using APIs. Additionally, the systems will be used in biotechnology research aimed at developing vaccines by genetic technology.

Specifically designed for handling hazardous products, these containment systems run at negative pressure to the surrounding room providing operator protection during the manual product handling process and environmental protection for the product by virtue of the standard ISO 7 classification inside the isolator.

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The project was carried out by Telstar's Technology Centre for Barrier Isolation Systems, located in Dewsbury (UK).