Synergy offers hospitals an end-to-end infection control solution


Pan-European support systems provider Synergy Healthcare has unveiled its end-to-end infection control solution for hospitals, care homes and the primary care environment.

The company’s patient care division has launched an environmental decontamination product and a range of hard surface and hand hygiene disinfectants developed for both acute and primary care settings

AirCleanse uses close coupled field technology working in tandem with an electrostatic filter capable of working down to 0.1uM to remove a wide range of harmful bacteria, viruses and spores from the working environment. This environmental decontamination product is shown to be effective against a broad spectrum of organisms including Norovirus, SARS, C.difficile, MRSA and TB. The system works by converting atmospheric oxygen into ozone and this kills all micro-organisms. The ozone then re-converts to oxygen as it passes out of the charge field and in so doing releases sterilised clean air into the room.

The products can be incorporated into existing hygiene regimes and cause no disruption to the running of a hospital or other care environment.

The unit requires minimal expertise to operate it and the only maintenance tasks are a straightforward monthly filter change and an annual service. The units are available in two formats – a portable version and a wall mounted unit.

The technology has already been adopted by a number of NHS trusts across the UK and there are in excess of 100 units operational in hospitals and primary care settings.

Synergy has also launched a range of surface and personal hygiene products to help manage transmission of infection through contact with surfaces and personal contact.

The Assure Plus range of products comprises wipes, surface cleaners and a hand mousse and has been developed for use by staff in acute care settings and employ Byotrol anti-microbial technology.

According to Anne MacMillian, marketing director of Synergy’s Patient Care Division, “We are looking to offer healthcare providers a total solution to the high profile issue of infection control. By combining decontamination with surface and personal hygiene control we are looking to raise standards across the sector. Both of the technologies in the range have undergone extensive testing and independently supervised studies.”

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“While there are a number of high performance infection control solutions available on the market, virtually all of those currently available use harmful compounds and using them requires specialist equipment. They also cause significant disruption to the everyday running of a hospital or other healthcare setting meaning that they are impractical on a number of levels. The AirCleanse and Assure products require no specialist knowledge or equipment and can be incorporated easily into existing hygiene regimes,” Anne MacMillan adds.