Synergy Health invests £18m in more sterilisation capacity


Gamma capacity in Europe is being increased across three facilities

Synergy Health, a leading provider of sterilisation and lab services to the healthcare industry, is investing £18m to expand capacity in its Applied Sterilisation Technology (AST) division. The plans are expected to increase revenue by £33m over the coming three years.

Gamma capacity in Europe is being increased across three facilities. In Ede in the Netherlands the facility will be expanded by about 50%, while in Radeberg in Germany capacity will be increased by 30%; a new gamma pallet facility will be constructed in Bradford in the UK, which will more than double capacity.

In addition, Synergy is extending its network of labs to Radeberg to provide microbiological, food and allergen testing services.

The ethylene oxide facility in Kuala Ketil in Malaysia will receive a fourth 12-pallet chamber, expanding capacity by 25%, and in the US, Synergy will construct its sixth e-beam facility in the San Francisco North Bay area.

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Construction has also started on a new lab within the existing San Diego facility.

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