Stancold to help build new 110,000 sqft aerospace centre


Working with a main contractor, Stancold has announced it will install a fire-rated cleanroom environment

Stancold has announced they will be taking on a new project in the UK. The team are due to begin on site less than ten miles from the company's Bristol base in December 2020.

Working with a main contractor, already aware of Stancold's expertise through previous projects, the company will complete the installation of a fire-rated cleanroom environment as part of a new 110,000 sqft aerospace centre fit-out.

This is an area in which Stancold's cleanroom specialist, Mark Kendrick, has over 10 years of experience, is advising and recommending the most suited panel systems for the project specification. This was required here as the scope evolved, which led to the team assisting the contractor's designers to ensure that every element of the build satisfied the technical submission.

As with many projects so far in 2020, the COVID-19 lockdown caused some delays to the process, but meetings were able to continue online to firm up the design specification until the end user was able to give the green light and full site surveys followed.

The project will utilise over 1,700 sqm of the Eurobond Firemaster panel system, achieving a 30-minute fire-rating throughout the facility, where the panels themselves are finished in a white food-safe coating to secure the cleanroom element.

As a new-build site, the team will be working within the open warehouse but have had to plan carefully to install in line with some spatial restrictions set out on site.

On its website, Stancold stated: "We are very pleased to be supporting a new innovation hub within the local area and look forward to reporting back on this project in the New Year."

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The same page stated: "Thanks to an unrivalled understanding of the requirements for controlled environments and departmentalised teams that focus on each type of solution, we're highly skilled in being able to provide reliable recommendations for applications where a number of different elements must be controlled at the same time. This has included fire-rated facilities for research & development and a unique cleanroom suite specification that incorporated a number of ISO standard, fire-resistant and chilled elements."

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