Stancold gives tour inside new probiotics cleanroom


The UK company has supplied panels, a firewall and cold storage for a Grade D cleanroom

Stancold has a long-standing relationship with cleanroom specialists, NGS Cleanrooms. When NGS undertook the design and construction of an ISO Class 8 cleanroom suite for a client—a probiotics manufacturer in Somerset—the team in charge of the project called upon Stancold to contribute to the task.

Based in Bristol (UK) Stancold is a specialist in the design, supply and installation of coldrooms and hygienic food processing areas. The company worked closely with NGS Cleanrooms and Puracore, producing detailed design plans for the large bespoke cleanroom build.

The project required the installation of 1250m² of FM Approved Puracore Aluminium Honeycomb Cored panels, fully flush vision panels and rapid roller shutter doors to form 28 processing rooms.

Stancold also supplied and installed an integrated one-hour firewall, using Kingspan Mineral Fibre Cored 100 mm panels. This included the fitting of double ‘hold open’ fire-rated personnel doors and all firestopping to achieve maximum fire integrity.

Stancold was also responsible for the suite’s cold storage facility, constructed using Kingspan Quadcore panels and completed with a white food-safe finish to match the rest of the Grade D cleanroom suite.

There were a number of intricate and complex details to the project, such as the seamless integration of motion-sensor service points for doors and air return columns.

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Stancold’s specialist expertise and cleanroom experience assisted the six-week bespoke project.

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