Stancold CREST team joins forces with off-site construction specialist


The CREST team has worked with the company on 14 modules for an end-user in Darlington, UK

Stancold CREST has worked with an off-site construction specialist to deliver modular cleanroom facilities. The exclusive cleanroom team has completed the internal fit-out of 14 individual modules off-site, before they were transported to the end-user in Darlington.

The CREST team put forward a specification that would meet the required EU GMP Grade C & D conditions, utilising Puracore as the best system fit.

Large sections of these modular cleanroom units were originally constructed at the client's facility before being transported to the end user's site.

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After being transported to the site, and integrated into the facility spanning two floors, the finishing touches were added to these cleanroom modules to make them fully operational.

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