Smart Fog humidifier suppresses static electricity


And provides hygienic features for dust, mould and bacteria-free environments

Smart Fog’s new cleanroom humidification system suppresses static electricity and provides hygienic features for dust, mould and bacteria-free environments.

The US firm says it achieves this by using precisely engineered water droplets and additional hygienic practices.

By using decorrelation technology Smart Fog reverses the naturally cohesive property of water droplets. Through a non-chemical process, this is reversed to maximise its attraction to non-water particles.

This means that dust and other airborne particles – including bacteria and viruses – are drawn to the water’s adhesion, and then oxidised for sanitation, the firm says.

The company says the 4.2 micron water droplets are the best size for maximising adhesion and attaining 100% dust suppression.

Other hygienic benefits of the humidification system include the 100% evaporation rate, which means that no pooling or condensation occurs, eliminating the threat of mould in an HVAC system.

Smart Fog’s 100% water evaporation rate is aided by intelligent engineered algorithms, which identify the most efficient way to generate the required humidity for each controlled environment. And precise humidity means no harmful static or electrostatic discharge.

All Smart Fog humidifiers are made from high grade plastic and stainless steel, so no corrosion or build up occurs.

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Additionally, they are equipped with data collection tools that help users with audit and compliance issues. Data on environmental settings is collected and can be stored on a data chip or sent directly to a facility’s central server. This data is easily accessible at any time.