Sidus Space chooses Terra Universal for satellite cleanroom


The ISO Class 8 cleanroom has been designed to support the production, testing and integration of the LizzieSat satellite constellation

Carol Craig, CEO of Sidus Space in front of the new cleanroom

Sidus Space, a Space-as-a-Service satellite company focused on commercial satellite design, manufacture, launch, and data collection, has announced the construction of a new state of the art cleanroom to support the production, testing and integration of the LizzieSat satellite constellation.

LizzieSats (LS) are 3D manufactured Low Earth Orbit (LEO) microsatellites focused on rapid, cost-effective development and testing of upcoming innovative spacecraft technologies for multiple customers. LS is a 100kg (220-pound) satellite with space to efficiently integrate customer sensors and technologies.

The modular system allows for expansion and reconfiguration

In addition to preparing for production on LizzieSat, Sidus Space is ramping up for work on recently awarded contracts which includes a multi-million dollar agreement supporting one of America's largest private companies. Other facility enhancements include improved network connectivity with Fiber optic internet, an industrial-grade epoxy shop floor, new LED light fixtures throughout the facility, additional workstations and office spaces for the growing employee team and a state-of-the-art cleanroom. Sidus anticipates that the new workspace will be completed in the next month.

The specs

The manufacturer of the cleanroom, Terra Universal, is the leading manufacturer of critical environment applications, with over 40 years of design and fabrication experience in cleanroom- and laboratory-based industries.

The Sidus Space ISO 100,000 cleanroom (ISO Class 8), with over 800 sqft of continuous space, was designed with high-end precision engineering. The self-contained space will allow cleanroom processing of up to 6 LizzieSats simultaneously as they progress through the integration, assembly, and test phases of development.

The HEPA Fan Filter Units (FFUs) to be installed in the cleanroom, will provide up to 808 CFM (at high speed) and will remove 99.99% of particles >/= 0.3 microns in diameter.

The modular system allows for expansion and reconfiguration as needed to accommodate custom applications.

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"Cleanrooms safely protect satellites or spacecraft components from particles, residues, or bio-films that corrode electrical systems, hinder performance, or reduce satellite lifetime. Our top priority is to ensure each satellite and all of their related components meet the highest level of quality required to launch into space before they reach orbit so that they will perform successfully in the space environment. I am very proud of our team and their tremendous skillset as they continually support our customers," said Carol Craig, CEO of Sidus Space.