Shield Medicare becomes Ecolab Contamination Control


The new name more accurately communicates the products and service offering of the company

Ecolab, a leader in water, hygiene and energy technologies for maintaining clean environments, has changed the name of its Shield Medicare division to Ecolab Contamination Control.

According to Andy Newsome, VP Global Contamination Control, the firm has been making a steady transition to the new name since it acquired Shield Medicare in 2006. He said the new name more accurately communicates the company\'s products and service offering, while strengthening the association with the Ecolab brand.

He added: ‘Over the last seven years, the equity in the Shield Medicare brand has transferred to Ecolab, ensuring that our customers retained high service levels and continuity of product supply, which has given us the confidence to implement the name change.’

The Shield Medicare logo will now be phased out and replaced by the Ecolab logo, supported by the phrase ‘Contamination Control’.

In addition to the name change, Ecolab Contamination Control has developed a dedicated web site at, which includes full details of all products and services, along with comprehensive information on the company’s sterile manufacturing processes.

Since acquiring Shield Medicare, Ecolab has made significant investment in a number of areas, including in a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility, which has enabled te company to follow cGMP manufacturing principles.

These initiatives have also facilitated the development of superior manufacturing processes, which match those of its customers, a fact highlighted by the recent introduction of a Process Match assurance mark for the Klercide range of contamination control products.

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In addition to major investment in manufacturing, Ecolab Contamination Control has used its sizeable regulatory affairs and research and development resources to drive forward new products which conform to all industry standards.

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