Sheet steel cupboard construction improves hygiene


Less welding means less risk of cupboards harbouring bacteria

The new Teknomek cupboards are made from sheet steel

The new Teknomek cupboards are made from sheet steel

Teknomek has changed the manufacturing process for its floor standing, stainless steel cupboards from a box construction to all sheet steel that takes full advantage of the company’s advanced laser cutting machinery.

The Norwich, UK-based firm says this change means less welding and therefore fewer crevasses that can harbour bacteria. This ensures that the cupboards are suitable for use in the most critical-hygiene sectors such as pharmaceutical, cleanroom, medical, veterinary and food processing. Their smoother finish makes them easier to clean and also delivers improved corrosion-resistance.

The firm says the new assembly method maintains the same level of strength and stability.

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The range comes in numerous options from one to four door cupboards with or without drawers. All are supplied with internal adjustable shelves and hinged lockable doors. The cupboard legs are inset by 50mm for flush fitting and with stainless steel adjustable feet they can be placed on uneven surfaces.

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