SPIMACO implements new contamination control systems


Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries & Medical Appliances Corporation enhances cost-effectiveness and product safety

Saudi Pharmaceutical Industries & Medical Appliances Corporation (SPIMACO) has recently acquired an advanced integrated system for contamination control from Fedegari of Italy.

The new project, carried out by Fedegari in collaboration with its system integrator ICS (International Consultancy Services), confirms SPIMACO's standards of excellence and its continuous commitment in manufacturing extremely safe drugs while applying innovative solutions and the most reliable technology in the market.

The new agreement is a result of a long-term technology and supply collaboration between Fedegari, ICS and SPIMACO. Fedegari and ICS have in the past designed and manufactured SPIMACO's high-performance process machines such as steam sterilisers.

With the new contract, Fedegari Group will provide four systems to be installed in two pharmaceutical plants in Saudi Arabia – the SPIMACO headquarters in Al Qassim, and Dammam Pharma (65% owned by SPIMACO), located in Dammam. Both sites will receive Fedegari sampling and dispensing systems.

The Al-Qassim pharmaceutical site covers 150,000m2, with a plant of more than 60,000m2 operated by 500 highly qualified professionals. Al Qassim will benefit from a two line sampling system comprising conveyors, de-dusting stations (FDM) and controlled areas equipped with down flow booths for sampling operations.

The SPIMACO headquarters will also receive four dispensing stations equipped with downflow booths (FCP).

The new Dammam Pharma plant will adopt the same concept on a smaller scale: a single line sampling system, with conveyor, de-dusting station and a controlled sampling area with down flow booth. A single dispensing area designed with a down-cross workstation completes the project.

Al Qassim and Dammam sampling and dispensing systems have been designed according to ISPE Good Practices Guide: 'Assessing the Particulate Containment Performance of Pharmaceutical Equipment' and are at the forefront in contamination control technologies.

These systems will improve SPIMACO's manufacturing capabilities and enhance product safety. They will also allow SPIMACO to reduce its utilities costs, increasing productivity and responding faster to market demands.

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The new downflow booths have been shown to reduce the total cost of ownership by 40% due to highly efficient fans and energy efficient LED line fittings that minimise airflow disruptions. In addition, they provide HEPA filter pressure drop reduction and pre-filter area resizing with 50% extra capacity.