SCT Cleanroom fulfils major customised HEPA filter order

Published: 2-Nov-2023

The China-based company has completed production of a major batch of HEPA and ULPA filters for a customer with a custom FFU in Singapore

SCT Cleanroom has completely finished the production for a batch of HEPA filters and ULPA filters which will be delivered to Singapore soon.

Each filter must be tested before delivery according to EN1822-1, GB/T13554 and GB2828 standard.

The test content mainly includes overall size, filter core and frame material, rated air volume, initial resistance, leakage test, efficiency test, etc. Each filter has an exclusive serial number and you can see it on its label pasted on the filter frame.

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All of these filters are customised and will be used in FFU (Fan Filter Unit) cleanrooms. The FFU is customised, that's why these filters are customised, too.

"Our hepa air filters are manufactured in an ISO Class 8 cleanroom. The whole cleanroom system is running when we are doing production. Each staff member has to wear cleanroom garments and enter the air shower before working in the cleanroom. All of the production lines are very new and imported from overseas countries," the company stated.

"We are very proud that this is the biggest and cleanest cleanroom in Suzhou to manufacture HEPA air filters. So you can imagine our HEPA filter quality and we are a very excellent cleanroom manufacturer in Suzhou," the company concluded.

SCT also manufactures other kinds of air filters such as prefilter, medium filter, V-type filter, etc.

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