S-Lab announces international shortlist for best laboratories

Published: 17-Mar-2015

The winners will be revealed in September at the S-Lab Conference & Exposition in Nottingham, UK

Recognising best practice in designing, building and operating laboratories around the world, this year's S-Lab Awards shortlist has been announced. It comprises 40 entries from nine different countries in eight categories listed below:

  • New r&d and analytical lab building
  • New teaching/mixed use lab building
  • Refurbished lab
  • Lab effectiveness
  • Environmental improvement
  • Making a difference
  • Laboratory data and Informatics
  • New product

Four labs are shortlisted for the best new r&d and analytical lab building category:

  • The Bigelow Laboratory for Ocean Sciences, Maine, US
  • The University of Oxford, Nuffield Department of Medicine Research Building, UK
  • The University of Saskatchewan International Vaccine Centre, Canada
  • The Washington DC Consolidated Forensics Laboratory, US

There are five shortlisted entries in the best new teaching/mixed use laboratory building category:

  • Charles R. Drew Charter School, US; Sydney University, Charles Perkins Centre, Australia
  • The University of East Anglia, Bob Champion Research and Education Building, UK
  • The University of Florida, Lake Nona Research and Academic Centre, US
  • The University of New South Wales, Tyree Energy Technologies Building, Australia

Those shortlisted for the best refurbished labs include:

  • Cell Therapy Catapult R&D Centre, Guy’s Hospital, London, UK
  • Huntsman Pigments Innovation Centre, Wynyard Park, Tees Valley, UK
  • Sheffield Hallam University, UK
  • University of Edinburgh, Chemical Synthesis Laboratory, Scotland
  • University of Glasgow, Medicinal Chemistry Laboratory, Scotland

Those shortlisted for the laboratory effectiveness category are:

  • Massey University College of Sciences, Palmerston North, New Zealand
  • The Sanger Institute, Hinxton, Cambridge, UK
  • The Science Exchange – a US-based internet venture
  • Wageningen University, in the Netherlands

Those shortlisted for environmental Improvement schemes include:

  • Aston University, UK
  • Lilly, Windlesham, UK
  • University of Oxford Centre for Neural Circuits and Behaviour, UK
  • University of Michigan, US

Those nominated for the 'Making a Difference' award are Allison Hunter, a technical manager on two campuses at King’s College, London and Rekha Joshi, a senior technical manager in the Faculty of Science, Macquarie University, Australia.

Selected for Laboratory Data and Informatics achievements are:

  • Boston University, National Emerging Infectious Diseases Lab, US, for enhancing biosecurity through Informatics
  • Howard Hughes Medical Institute Janelia Research Campus, US and Ecodomus for using BIM for more effective facilities management
  • Scottish Environmental Protection Agency for its advanced checking, analysis and visualisation systems for sample data

Shortlisted under the best product category are:

  • Ax60 by Analox, UK, a low-cost sensor system designed to detect potentially hazardous levels of carbon dioxide gas in ambient air
  • ESTS ISG, Germany, for a flash steam generator used in Logiclave autoclaves which requires no stored hot water or pressurised steam reservoir
  • Genano, Finland for proprietary nano-scale air purification method that removes particles of nanometre size and kills viruses and bacteria
  • Inlabtec, Switzerland for a Serial Diluter that automates and standardises sample dilution for testing of bacterial counts in food safety and other applications
  • KNF Lab, Germany/US, for a redesigned RC900 rotary evaporator whose wireless operation allows full control without raising the fume cupboard sash
  • Labaqua, Spain, for a robotic arm for the automatic concentration of water samples by membrane filtration for their microbiological analysis by culture isolation
  • SKZ–TeConA, Germany, for a solar-heated water system for pressure test tanks

The award winners will be announced at the 2015 S-Lab Conference & Exposition being held in Nottingham, UK, on 22–23 September.

For more details visit www.effectivelab.org.uk/awards.html

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