Portable system decontaminates chemical, biological and radiological vapours


Scott Safety device can decontaminate areas up to 500 cubic metres

A new portable airborne and surface decontamination solution from Scott Safety is said to decontaminate chemical, biological and radiological vapours, liquids and particles simultaneously in five minutes. In validation trials, the system decontaminated anthrax by 99.9999999% from a 100m3 space, in less than five minutes, the firm said.

Weighing only 22kg, the 'Light Decontamination System' is claimed to be the lightest portable decontamination system in its class, enabling safety professionals to work effectively in both confined and remote environments.

According to Scott Safety, the system can decontaminate areas as large as 500m3 and may be used in a multitude of scenarios – from decontamination of re-usable equipment e.g. respirators, breathing apparatus, gas detectors and non-disposable PPE such as coveralls and footwear, to commercial disinfection for healthcare, buildings and public spaces and end of production cleaning and disinfection in the food and beverage industries.

The Light Decontamination System uses new Scott Safety atomisation technology to create a fine mist to ensure even and consistent coverage and haptic dry surfaces. Unlike many traditional decontamination systems which use liquids, this new process forces powders to behave like a gas, ensuring that sensitive and electronic equipment is not damaged.

Scott Safety also offers the Duraflow lightweight and ergonomically designed Powered Air Respirator with real-time air flow control technology. The product gives complete wearer assurance of respiratory protection in a number of hazardous situations and industries.

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Duraflow’s automatic monitoring features ensure the airflow rate is maintained at precisely the correct level. Visual and audible diagnostics alert the user to any drop in airflow below the required level or when the battery needs re-charging. Standard and extended high energy density battery options are available.