PortaFab adds cleanroom wall system for interior walls


Provides an alternative to traditional modular cleanroom systems

The P2000 2in thick cleanroom wall panel system

The P2000 2in thick cleanroom wall panel system

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PortaFab, a US-based manufacturer of modular cleanrooms, has introduced a 2in thick wall system to its product portfolio.

The P2000 integrates with the Chesterfield, Missouri-based firm’s CleanLine and FabLine modular cleanroom systems.

The main components are aluminum studs with wiring capabilities; floor and top tracks; corner posts; wall starters; cornice mouldings and bevelled windows.

The P2000 system is for floor-to-ceiling applications that do not have load-bearing requirements such as chase walls, column wraps or other internal walls within a cleanroom environment.

The studs have a maximum height of 12ft and accommodate PortaFab’s range of standard and made-to-order 2in thick cleanroom wall panels. Standard panels include painted aluminum on both sides of an aluminum honeycomb and vinyl faced gypsum over polystyrene, but all types of composite panels can be manufactured using a variety of surface and core materials with clear anodised or painted finishes.

“Internal wall systems do not typically require load-bearing characteristics, but do require wiring capabilities or utility chases and almost always need to integrate with some type of load-bearing system,” said Wayne McGee, president of PortaFab.

“The P2000 costs less to manufacture than load-bearing systems and consequently allows us to design cleanrooms that are more cost effective.”

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