PortaFab adds bevelled window to cleanroom selection


Does not have a dust-collecting window ledge

PortaFab, a US manufacturer of pre-engineered modular buildings, has added a new bevelled window to its portfolio that integrates with its range of modular cleanroom and office systems.

Designed specifically for cleanroom applications, the tapered metal extrusion removes the need for a window ledge making it easier to clean while eliminating corners that collect dust particles and other microorganisms.
Bevelled cleanroom window

Bevelled cleanroom window

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The bevelled window is suitable for interior wall applications where controlled environments exist on both sides of the wall. There is only one piece of glass with a bevelled bottom extrusion. It is easy to wipe down, further helping cleanroom owners achieve FDA compliance, the Chesterfield, Missouri-based company says.

“The new bevelled window system is a cost-effective alternative to the double flush window system that requires two separate pieces of glass and provides the dual room functionality not inherent in the flush window design,” said Wayne McGee, president of PortaFab.

The new cleanroom windows are available in numerous sizes and materials to meet specific needs and integrate with all of Portafab’s modular wall and ceiling systems. Windows can be hermetically sealed and coated with a desiccant finish while insulated glass units or double flush glazing can be incorporated into most designs.

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