Pharmaclean Large Covers (VIDEO)

Pharmaclean products in DuPont Tyvek type 1422A material, for sterilisation and protection from dust, particles and micro-organisms, are designed to offer total safety and resistance. They are customisable and easy to use. Unaffected by autoclave sterilisation processes.

All products come with a certificate of conformity and a certificate of irradiation, where applicable.

We maintain full documentation traceability, and can trace back all records and associated end users at any time.

Features and benefits

  • completely in DuPont Tyvek material
  • standard and custom shapes and sizes
  • tear and perforation resistant
  • easy to apply and remove
  • low particulate release
  • excellent microbiological barrier
  • uniform vapour penetration across the surface
  • autoclavable
  • sterile version available

Featured Companies

AM Instruments (more information, website)