Pharma Technology introduces WIP/WOL Solutions for PharmaFlex iSeries Dedusters

The newly streamlined features include dust-tight Level 3 Occupational Exposure Banding, modular contraction with bolts on high-containment and Level 5 OEB Washing In Place/Washing Off Line modules

PharmaFlex iSeries with Wash-in-Place, Wash-off-Line Capabilities by Pharma Technology Inc.

These as well as additional modular features can be incorporated into both new and existing PharmaFlex iSeries deduster/metal detector combination units.

In the past, a high containment or Washing In Place/Washing Off Line (WIP/WOL) unit had to be built with a special sealed cabinet requiring a six-month lead-time. The new streamlined containment protocol enables the mounting of these features on new built-in iSeries units in less than three months. Retrofitting existing iSeries dedusters can be performed in an even shorter timeframe.

Additional modular features available for Pharma Technology’s PharmaFlex iSeries Dedusters include:

  • Dedicated high containment valves for tablet inlet port, air inlet port and final tablet discharge after metal detector
  • HEPA air filter for air inlet
  • Interchangeable elevating spiral segments with molded closed cell polymer seals that do not require removal for cleaning
  • Pressure decay test (negative pressure must be maintained in deduster and metal detector for 360 seconds)
  • Continuous negative pressure monitoring during operation
  • Turnstile mechanism allowing for the introduction of metal detection test pieces into the metal detector chute without opening the system or breaking containment
  • Automated auto-check system to continuously verify the accuracy of the metal detector head – the captive test pieces in the side channels of the round metal detector chute
  • Clip & Cut continuous liner with double clip system to collect tablets rejected by metal detector

The WIP/WOL cart attaches to either side of the deduster/metal detector unit with triclover clamp connections.

It features automated water supply and drain valves and an automated wash sequence with complete flooding of the unit. A product-specific recipe washes the complete unit and be controlled from the tablet press interface.

Pharma Technology Inc (PTI) is a producer of tablet dedusters and capsule polishers combined with metal detectors and loading systems for pharmaceutical solid dose production.