Particle Measuring Systems adds two MiniCapt microbial air samplers to portfolio


Both use impaction technology to collect air samples onto microbiological growth media

The MiniCapt Mobile and Remote

The MiniCapt Mobile and Remote

Particle Measuring Systems, a US-based specialist in environmental monitoring equipment, offers two new products: the MiniCapt Mobile microbial air sampler for mobile environmental monitoring of cleanrooms; and the MiniCapt Remote microbial air sampler for fixed-location monitoring with a remote sensor. Both instruments use impaction technology to collect air samples onto microbiological growth media, but each is used for different applications for cleanroom environmental monitoring.

The MiniCapt Mobile simplifies the job of microbial air sampling by applying modern data management capabilities that save time and reduce operator error in air sampling data. The intuitive touchscreen interface allows for easy use with cleanroom gloves without the need for a stylus. The HEPA-filtered exhaust does not add contamination to the cleanroom, while the stainless steel microbial impactor and sanitisable enclosure are suitable for aseptic environments.

The MiniCapt Remote also simplifies microbial air sampling in critical areas where central vacuum is not available. The remote unit communicates to an environmental monitoring system, which allows remote automation of the sampling process. This approach reduces operator errors that may occur from incorrect sampling procedures or recording of data. The rugged stainless steel construction allows for the unit to be used in the most critical areas in a cleanroom, such as directly on filling lines or isolators for Grade A monitoring.

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Both microbial air samplers can use the same accessories for sampling compressed gases, monitoring in an isolator, or connection to the BioCapt microbial impactor or BioCapt single-use microbial impactor for routine cleanroom monitoring. These accessories incorporate the radial inlet slit design that simplifies false-positive identification to reduce investigation costs.

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