Novel modular cleanroom to deliver duplicable and hygienic cannabis


Canadian-based TerraCube International and its subsidiary HollyWeed North Cannabis have launched a stackable cleanroom system to target the growing cannabis market

The TerraCube, produced by TerraCube International, is a modular cleanroom designed specifically to exacting commercial settings or home growth units for the growth of medical marijuana.

According to the company, TerraCube offers an advanced method of manufacturing high-value plants in a method that is clean, scalable and environmentally sensitive.

The unit utilises LED lighting to reduce unnecessary heating and reduce the need for additional cooling. The company claims that the ventilation system reduces pathogen contamination, eliminating the need for pesticides and mould treatments, leading to revolutionised plant tissue growth.

It also offers sensors to capture real time data allowing growth monitoring and growth cycle management.

The system ensures that growth is achieved in a precise and hygienic manner, which can be duplicated to ensure producers maintain price per gram with wholesalers.

Designed for plug in and grow, guidance is provided to ensure growers are compliant with FDA/DEA/Health Canada standards.

TerraCube cubes are leased, not sold to reduce startup capital required by smaller producers and also allowing larger commercial producers to scale and predict outputs with greater accuracy.

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A Canadian-based company, TerraCube International is an agricultural grow platform looking to disrupt current plant manufacturing. Altering traditional methodology in an attempt to enable mass production of bio active plant material in controlled atmospheres, its aim is to allow repeatability, higher product quality and higher sustainable yields, while also reducing operating expenses.