Nitritex transfers product sterilisation to Daventry, UK and Kuala Ketil in Malaysia


Following a fire at previous sub-contractor in Rawang, Malaysia

Nitritex\'s gamma irradiation sub-contractor Synergy Health, based in Rawang, Malaysia, has ceased operations until further notice due to a fire at its plant.

To maintain continuity of supply, the company is transferring the sterilisation of its products to other facilities in the Synergy Health group.

\'Since we became aware of the incident in Rawang we have been working hard to ensure that we can continue to satisfy customer requirements in terms of volumes of product and sterility assurance,\' says Nitritex.

Synergy Health facilities based in Daventry in the UK and in Kuala Ketil in Malaysia will be providing sterilisation services to Nitritex with immediate effect and into the foreseeable future.

A revalidation programme is underway at both plants for all products and Nitritex says no product will be released until this has been completed.

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Because Synergy Health operates the same control and documentation system globally, the only change for customers is that the leading four characters of the Certificate of Irradiation will change. These four characters are the unique identifier of the Synergy Health plant issuing the certificate. To date, customers are used to seeing certificate numbers commencing MY01 indicating the Rawang plant. In future, the prefixes will be UK33 from Daventry, UK and MY03 from Kuala Ketil, Malaysia.

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