New EZ-Peel cleanroom labels launched


LGInternational has added EZ-Peel Cleanroom Labels to its CleanMark labeling products line

LGInternational, manufacturer of advanced labeling solutions, has added a line of EZ-Peel Cleanroom Labels its line of CleanMark labeling products.

The EZ-Peel labels feature deadened adhesive zones for easy use with gloved hands. Like all of LGI’s CleanMark products, the labels are manufactured from 100% synthetic face stocks, liners and cores and are double-bagged in MDPE certified cleanroom bags.

Made from matte white polypropylene paired with either removable or permanent adhesive, labels can be direct thermal or thermal transfer printed and are available in five convenient sizes on either 3” or 1” cores.

The labels can also be customised to meet specific requirements for a wide variety of applications.

LGInternational develops advanced labeling solutions for the most demanding markets, including semiconductor, storage media, life sciences, and electronics.