Nano-X Imaging announces semiconductor fabrication expansion

The $40m expansion plans in South Korea include a 1200 sqm MEMS cleanroom

Nano-X Imaging, the innovative medical imaging technology company has announced the scaling up of its semiconductor fabrication plant in South Korea.

Nano-X Korean is the subsidiary company established by Israel-based NANO-X IMAGING LTD to build the Nanox semiconductor fabrication plant (FAB) in Korea.

Construction ramp-up comes as a result of increased demand for the Nanox.ARC systems.

The FAB site is 12,000 sqm, including a 1200 sqm MEMS cleanroom. Overall costs are estimated at $40m and the plant is expected to be operational in Q1 2022.

The FAB, currently in the planning stage, will be the main production site of the Nanox.ARC Digital Source component and will be built next to the SK hynix semiconductor cluster in Yongin, South Korea, the world's largest semiconductor cluster.

SK hynix, the world's second-largest memory chip provider has announced an investment of $106.65 billion to build four fabrication lines at the semiconductor industrial complex at the heart of Yongin.

According to Ran Poliakine, CEO and Chairman of Nanox: "The growing interest in demand for our systems has required us to ramp up our plans and timeline for the Nanox Digital Source fabrication. We are undergoing a smooth transition from development to manufacturing, underpinned by the production excellence of the Korean semiconductor industry. No doubt, we are experiencing the exceptional synergy between the Start-Up Nation, and Scale-Up nation."

"It is part of our strategic mission to be near the technology cluster of SK hynix, which facilitates research and development centers and production facilities for chipmakers," said Dr Ilung (IU) Kim, Chairman of Nano-X Korean. "Scaling up the production line to meet market demand is one of our main priorities, as we would like to see the Nanox.ARC systems tested and operating globally as soon as possible".