Micronclean launch new range of light inhibiting bags


Micronclean are pleased to announce a new range of amber light inhibiting bags for pharmacy use. Made from high-grade polyethylene, the bags meet US pharmacopoeia performance testing standards

Some pharmaceutical products are sensitive to ultraviolet light and can be damaged by exposure during transit and storage.

Amber light-inhibiting bags provide a simple and cost-effective solution for pharmacies and healthcare facilities.

Made from high-grade polyethylene, the bags meet the US Pharmacopoeia performance testing standards for light transmission (nos. 661 and 671).

Each batch of bags is tested in an independent laboratory to certify that light transmission does not exceed 10% at any wavelength in the UV range of 290nm to 450nm, complete with certificate of analysis.

Packed in Micronclean’s state of the art Class 6 cleanroom and supplied sterile and double wrapped in packs of 50, Micronclean’s amber bags are the ideal solution for pharmacies manufacturing light sensitive pharmaceuticals.

For samples or a quotation please contact enquiries@micronclean.co.uk for a rapid response.

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